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Simply Red spa Breeze conveys a new concept: You can feel at home at the spa!
Your first sight in the Breeze branch is the reception area in the theme of a kitchen,
which is the lovely furnace powering up the family!
In the “kitchen” room, the aromatherapists discover your needs with you
and quench your thirst with organic herbal tea.
Using customized essential oil for massage,
we aim to heal the body and mind of each member.

Breeze Branch Address

3F, No. 11, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Taipei City (near Breeze Center)

Reservation Number


Business Hour

11:00~21:00 (weekdays)

10:00~20:00 (Saturday)

Close on Sundays

The client may bring her male partner (spouse or boyfriend), and note that we do not serve men without his female partner coming along.

Transport Information


2~3 minutes from each of the following stop

* “Zhonglun Borough” stop: 41, 74, 521, 685, 903

* “Fuxing S. Rd.” stop: 5201, 5202, 5203

* “Zhonglun” stop:

41, 52, 203, 205, 257, 276, 1191, 2021, 1061, 1062, 1800