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“Maternal love”, the symbol of love, harmony and mercy
       Neroli (Citrus Aurantium) is a flowering plant (Order: Rutaceae, Genus: Citrus) that produces small, white flowers with mild characteristic fragrance and orange fruits, and is capable of surviving natural challenges and pests. It is a symbol of an enduring woman who happily reaps her efforts.

       The essential oil of neroli presents a mild characteristic fragrance resembling purity, innocence and elegance. Its curative power is especially apparent for the imbalance of body and mind, similar to the unique love of a mother.
       In Ayurveda, neroli is affiliated to Anahata, the chakra of freshness. This chakra is associated with love, harmony and mercy which connects us with every movement in the world and coincides with the core value of Simply Red.
       Using neroli as the part of the brand, we define the white flower as the symbol of the gentleness in our care, and orange fruit as our passion to serve, the primary core of our service in Simply Red.