Customizable Body Slimming Program for Healthy Metabolism-based Weight Loss

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Customizable body slimming program for healthy metabolism-based weight loss
Healthy is closely related to our diet. To stay in shape,
you don't have to starve, but select a diet pattern that fits your body the most.
We cooperate with Pan-Asian Modified Mediterranean Diet to spread this idea.

Each man and woman is an unique being created by nature, so the affiliation of our body vary with individual.
Simply Red blends clinical metabolism pattern-based nutrition and psychological approach to provide an
interesting while practical way to lose fat and restore beauty and health.
With professional, highly customizable fat loss program and diet, you can expect definitive result.
We not only provides you with result, but changes your diet pattern for sustainable health, benefiting you for good and guiding you for a healthy life.

Program introduction   Time
Simply Red's metabolism-based fat loss program: It contains a diet metabolism pattern analysis report, 8 weeks of (nutritionist, psychologist and fitness trainer)
full spectrum weight loss instructions, and Simply Red's 35 customizable fat loss and body sculpting spa sessions
Week 1: The key to weight loss - ideal weight loss with the correct method
Week 2: Get slim for anything you eat - the mystery of metabolism-based weight loss
Week 3: Pan-Asian Modified Mediterranean Diet - Secure weight loss while getting yourself
Duration: 8 weeks