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All products derive from nature, including herbal tonics, energy aromatherapy,
mineral water-based skin care, herbal bath for restoration and metabolic boost,
and ocean therapy for cellular regeneration.

Kerstin Florian never compromises on quality and brand integrity, positioning
itself a trustworthy and famous hotel and home spa care provider globally.
Several Hollywood stars even signed to recognize the extraordinary service of Kerstin Florian

Simply Red X Kerstin Florian provides a purely natural spa

Program introduction   Time
KF caviar rejuvenation care: In addition to the high-tech K-LIFT used to rejuvenate the epidermis, dermis and muscular layer, the caviar essence containing concentrated vitamin, minerals, essential amino acids and rich antioxidants that stimulate cellular regrowth, reduce wrinkles, improve skin resistance to aging, and secure firming to achieve rejuvenation. Duration:90 minutes
KF beauty rejuvenation care: High-tech K-LIFT is used to rejuvenate epidermis, dermis and muscular layer, facilitates collagen proliferation
to improve firming and delay aging!
Duration:90 minutes
KF top-grade Spirulina compress: Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll, vitamin and minerals, which provides anti-oxidation,
facilitates deep skin metabolism and reduces swelling to renew your body.
Duration:60 minutes
Ocean care: Your face contour can be firmed with applying neroli essential oil andspecial facial ice ball in unique massage. Duration:60 minutes