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Tension is not essential for your life.
Smile is the best make-up for a woman,
and it's even better to see everything with peaceful mind.

To satisfy your needs, Simply Red has designed 4 unique programs

眉開眼笑護理Care for smiling
頌缽靜心按摩Peaceful mind massage
頭皮舒壓護理Scalp care and stress relief
深層組織肌肉按摩Deep tissue massage
Program introduction   Time
Care for smiling: Stress relief at periocular region by meridian massage using patented ”titanium-germanium-aluminum alloy rod” Duration: 40 minutes
Singing bowl relieving massage: The vibration of the blessed Himalayan singing bowl helps you calm down and relieve your stress with unique manipulation skills Duration: 90 minutes
Stress relief scalp care: The deep meridian massage with ”titanium-germanium-aluminum alloy rod” is applicable with insomnia, headache, excessive stress, and menopause symptoms Duration: 40 minutes
Deep tissue massage: Delivers deep relaxation with unique manipulation skills Duration: 80 minutes